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go check my review sam, I think it's the same one, but of course as the moulding on some are smaller than our old favourite it's hard to tell.
(i'm ruddy impressed & agonizing as to how many to buy this time round)
it's about 1/2 the size of the morphing light.
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By S.A.M
Ah yes so it is. I've got a load of the old style ones (I think they're the same size as the rainbow lights) and I've been using them instead of candles in my display since I joined ZP! I have a hard time keeping candles lit on a windy Halloween night so these really are the best choice (for me at least).
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By snow2alike
I spray my pumpkin with pam and then stretch a sheet of saran wrap over the open cut out design ---- pattern is crystal clear and the wind can't blow it out. Make sure you have a vent in the top of the pumpkin.