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By Z-Unit
In preparing for the upcoming season, i've been throwing ideas around in my head to light up pumpkins in different colors and different effects and one idea that came up was the EL lighting that a friend had used in a halloween costume. It's a thin wire that is powered by a battery pack and lights up with a neon like appearence.

Now, I know there are smaller, cheaper, and quite possibly more effective ways of doing this... such as the different colored LED units... but I thought that some effects could be had with this stuff that can't be done with the LEDs... such as incorporating different colors into a single carving.

anyone else ever use this stuff in any sort of application?

the only big down side is price... as you're looking at about $13 for a 2 foot section with a power unit... which is what I would imagine the length you would need for one. But of course I was looking at using a multiple ported power unit to either light up multiple pumpkins or create some cool multi-colored effects. I suppose you could also run a long enough strand of it through multiple pumpkins concealed though the bottom or back too...

I suppose I'll hold off on throwing out the website that I'm browsing since I don't want my 2nd post on this forum to look like a freakin advertisement.
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By CombichristGirl
the price is a down side but i agree some crazy things could go on with those
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Maybe not cost effective for everyone, but surely worth some experimenting. If anyone gives it a go, please share your photos and stories.
By Z-Unit
I'm going to scope out some patterns and try to come with some ideas of how to incorporate the lighting. Hopefully something will pan out.

Honestly, if I drop the cash on a 4 port power supply like this one: ... SEQ-4-6VDC

I'm guessing 2.2mm cord would be best, as it still puts out enough light, and it would be easier to control with multiple colors compared to the bigger 5mm.

after that, the cord itself is only about $1 a foot, so customizing it for different designs wouldn't be terribly expensive after the initial investment. Plus, I'd imagine I could light 2 different pumpkins with the 4 strands.
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By matspud
Looks great. Several years ago PM brought out a neon lights kit with this kind of idea but this takes the idea several stages further.

The initial outlay for the control box is quite steep but I'm sure it would be worth it over a few years. And just think of the effects :D :D
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By sloaner
That stuff is awsome, I'd like to make a tron costume out of it.