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By nico_reed
Is anyone else running through batteries like crazy? I like to keep my foam pumpkins up for most of October and keep them lit for a few hours every night, but the batteries die out within 4-6 hours of use. Does this happen to anyone else? Anyone have any tips to help me keep my pumpkins lit? Thanks :)
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By monstermash
I dont have any foamies what with being from the UK and all so I just use normal candles in my kins. However I have heard people say they use string lighting (like christmas lights) for their foam kins. I don't really know if using your mains electricity is cheaper in the long run than batteries but I'd imagine would be. Someone with more know how will probably give you more answers but that is what I would most likely do.
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By Raven
I'd say go with string lights as well.. If you look on Amazon they have several different lengths if you don't want a strand of 100 or something. Also, they have a lot of different colors. LED would last the longest and really you could just never unplug them.. :P