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By chuckwagon
I didn't look to see if anyone has posted a quick review for these lights yet or not, but I wanted to give my opinion from a first hand experience... I had to swing by Wal-Mart for some stuff, and noticed the Halloween section was being set up, and they already had a lot of stuff out including the Pumpkin Master brand, small orange "puck" lights with the 3 flashing LED's. Without being able to test them in the store, I decided to buy 2 just in case i liked the effect. Gotta be honest, I thought they were junk when I got home and put batteries in. I was really expecting the LED's to throw out some serious light, but they were rather disappointing to say the least by my standards. Not very bright at all, and they only have one single strobe effect with no speed adjustment. Just to make sure, I tried it on a few of my different carves to see if it was the coloring inside the pumpkin, or the size of the cutout sections, but all around I was more or less let down. I don't have a heck of a lot of experience with Pumpkin Master products anyway, except for the big gut scoop with serrated edged once a few years ago, so I'm not sure if quality is something that typically coincides with their brand. I just always see the PM brand stuff everywhere I go, and figured I'd give em a shot. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone who is looking for a good amount of light in their 'kins.
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By oSpriteo
Thanks for posting this. These have been the only pumpkin lights i have seen in the walmarts around here and have almost bought some on a few occasions.

Does anyone have any recommendations for which "puck" lights work the best?
Last year I got a bunch at Five Below and they worked really great. I especially love the strobeing one the most. It looked more like lightning was going off in the Jack-O'-Lantern.