Reviews of specific carving products by those who've used them.
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By Kittie
Definitely looks like once you got the hang of it you could gut a pumpkin in less the 5 mins. Including scraping and all.

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By Kerianne19
It looks really neat, it had much sharper edges than I would have thought!

Just to throw in a personal review for this product... Everyone needs one! We spent about five minutes a piece gutting, and thinning out two very large pumpkins! Without this handy thing, we easily would have spent fourty-five minutes a piece gutting, and thinning these monsters!

We are liking it so much at our home that we will be ordering another this week! If you mass produce ZombiePumpkins for Halloween, do your wrists and hands a favor by buying one, (or a few :D ) of these handy objects!
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By amandap80
I must post another rave review of this product. We love it! The pumpkins are clean, have lovely thinned walls, and take 5 minutes! As a side note, I cut a hole in the bottom of mine, not the top. So, we have to hold the pumpkins upside down to gut. Sitting them in a 5 gallon bucket works like a charm, then all you have to do is turn him over for the guts to fall in the bucket. Bravo, PumpkinGutter!
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By cobalt
My pumpkin gutter arrived today!! I cannot wait to try it out, and by the looks of this thread most are having a positive experience. Will post back and let you know how things went.
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By Tkaraoke
I just thought I would chime in about the Pumpkin Gutter...

I used it to make my "Frankie" pumpkin and I will have to say that it is the *BEST* pumpkin product that I have ever purchased. Like the others, I was able to gut and thin down a normal sized pumpkin in about 5 minutes. It's not often that you find a product that actually lives up to the promises the seller claims but this is one of those exceptions. I think that if you are going to carve more than just one pumpkin, you need give this product a try! If that fellow needs some testimonials, I would be more than happy to show my support for the Pumpkin Gutter!
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By Tkaraoke
The only problem I had was fear of making the walls too thin. However, the carving knife went through the pumpkin shell like butter where it was thinned down to less than an inch. That's cutting it a little close BUT it makes carving so much easier!

Also, I did end up using an egg crate to hold the pumpkin upright but I didn't need to strap it down. The "torque" action of the drill/gutter didn't displace the pumpkin so I was able to do it all by myself.
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By Kittie
38 pumpkins in 3 hours. This tool ROCKS
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By Tkaraoke
Kittie wrote:38 pumpkins in 3 hours. This tool ROCKS
LOL!! :lol:

It almost makes you feel guilty that you can gut that many pumpkins in so little time!
I'm going to start gutting my pumpkins tomorrow and start carving my "secondary" patterns first before I move onto my "flagship" pumpkins. I bought this pretty long (and big) pumpkin for the DAVY JONES stencil with lots of room for those lovely tentacles!
With the Pumpkin Gutter, I think the goal of carving 10 pumpkins this year should be a snap. I can hardly wait for Ryan's report back about the tool when he starts using it. I bet he's going to be selling them like hot cakes next year.
By Joey
Another goodie I'm probably too late to order as I didn't know we actually owned a drill before today. How easy/hard is it to separate out the seeds from the pulp with this thing anyway?
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By Tkaraoke
This is going to sound too good to be true...

All the seeds and pulp go directly to the bottom of the pumpkin. All you have to do is turn the pumpkin upside down and dump the guts out. Of course, you're going to have to scoop some of the stubborn seeds and pulp out but for the most part, your hands almost never touch guts.
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By Tkaraoke
I just reread your message and I think I misunderstood it. The pulp and seeds do gather at the bottom of the pumpkin but the pulp is so chopped up (in my experience) that the seeds (being solid) come right out of the pulp.
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By Kittie
Joey wrote:Another goodie I'm probably too late to order as I didn't know we actually owned a drill before today. How easy/hard is it to separate out the seeds from the pulp with this thing anyway?
Actually. . we used a whisk first. . . and it took all the seeds, then dumped the seeds, then used the gutter. I will post a video soon. As soon as it is approved on YouTube.
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By Kittie
Hi all!

It is very cool to read about the great experiences you're having with a tool that I invented :idea:. Thank you all for helping to spread the word. I am so impressed with the carving work that so many of you do and the sheer numbers of pumpkins you carve.

What drives someone to invent and patent a Pumpkin Gutter? Well, a few years back I decided that I wanted to carve a pumpkin entirely using power tools. Gutting was the only part that I couldn't quite figure out, so I did some thinking, went into the workshop, and came out with Pumpkin Gutter #1. After using it for a couple years and making some improvements, I figured others might benefit from using a Pumpkin Gutter.

I'd like to pass on a bit of gutting wisdom, too. You always get some strings wound around the shaft of the Gutter when you first cut the strings and seed loose...just take the Gutter out of the drill and slide the strings off the end. Now, you're ready to start thinning the walls. You'll look like a pro! Also, use a fairly high drill speed and don't be afraid to be a little agressive with the pressure. After a pumpkin or two, you'll be perfectly sculpting the inside of your pumpkin.

Again, a sincere "thank you" to all of you and have a great Halloween!
By Pumpkingrower
Most welcome we LOVE it.. well at least I do. 8)
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