Reviews of specific carving products by those who've used them.
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By Kittie
Oh yes! We LOVE it!! We never would have been able to do our display this year without it! This is the first year where I haven't been able to take a few days off of work for Halloween! So we didn't know what we were giong to do! Your Pumpkin Gutter is AWESOME!!!
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By cobalt
Well we had a small carving party last night. Didn't get as many to show as I would have liked. But I do have to say just like everyone else my Pumpkin Gutter experience was very positive. Started using it with my cordless drill, it's only 12v and wasn't quite giving me the speed I was hoping for. Went to a regular drill and OMG!! That tool just came alive. It was so awesome and we did 8 pumpkins last night.
They were ready to carve in no time flat. Highly recommend this tool A+!!
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By buddha
I love the Pumpkin Gutter!

This is a must have for pumpkin folks. I just cleaned three pumpkins in very short order. It is a great innovation!

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By Tkaraoke
I used a cordless drill (which actually did a heck of a job) but I did notice after the third pumpkin the drill started to loose power. I think I'm going to buy a corded drill for next year so I can keep on gutting without having to change batteries.
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By Kittie
Our cordless Drill lasted a long time actually. And when one battery died, we just swtiched to the other and by the time it died the other was already charged again. We have the Skil Set.
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If you need some testimonials for your website I'd want to be the first to write one for you. This has to be the best thing to happen to pumpkins and carvings since the creation of ZOMBIE PUMPKINS.COM

Thank you very much for the offer of a testimonial, but you've already given me a great one! If there's more you'd like to say, please email me via the website at or put it here and I'll certainly use it on the site.

Thanks to all of you, The Pumpkin Gutter was a hit this year and now my challenge is to get some retailers interested in carrying it next season. I'll keep you posted!
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By Tkaraoke
Just thought I'd bump this...

I know talked about this last year but I thought I would correct myself. When I gut my pumpkins, I normally don't have anybody around who can help me hold the pumpkin. I found that you could just sit the pumpkin upright without anything holding it up and you could still use it but to be safe you do want to have some kind of support. Last year I had found an old, small milk crate in the garage that was perfect. It was large enough to hold the pumpkins in place (or if the pumpkin was too large I'd just sit it is as far as it would go) and it worked out awesome!
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By Lithium_joe
I'm joining ZP from the UK too. Placed my order for the Drill attachment last week - notwithstanding the postal strike, it should be here soon and I can get carving.

Looking forward to it after all these positive reviews.

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By gregh3196
Just got mine today and cant wait till this weekend to get started. :D
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By Tkaraoke
I can hardly wait to hear the reactions of the new PG owners this year. I know I was pleased as punch with mine.
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By matspud
I plan to start using mine on Friday. Must admit I am more than a little concerned about it. :?
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By Tkaraoke
My main concern using the gutter for the first time was that I was afraid of destroying the pumpkin by going through the wall. If you keep an eyeball on your progress you should be fine. The closest I came to going through the wall was about 1/4 of an inch. A little too close for comfort but I was fine. That pumpkin was the easiest one to carve of them all.
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By matspud
Tkaraoke wrote:My main concern using the gutter for the first time was that I was afraid of destroying the pumpkin by going through the wall. .
Thats' exactly what I am worried about :( I'm not too sure what to expect.
By CanadianCarver
I have done 3 pumpkins with the gutter so far this year. Overall I am very pleased. I usually stop and push a pin through the wall to judge the thickness to make sure I don't go too thin.

The one thing I did notice is that it is difficult to "gut" the strands that are on the bottom of the pumpkin. The sides are no problem, but trying to get the pumpking gutter at the right angle to grab those strands on the very bottom has been an issue for me. I have ended up doing a quick scrape of the bottom with my scoop instead. Has anyone else had this happen to them?
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