Reviews of specific carving products by those who've used them.
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By Tkaraoke
I was thinking about buying a corded drill this year since my cordless one works good *but* it did seem to slow down after gutting a few pumpkins.
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By GutterGuy
I just replied to another topic about how not to make a mess with the Pumpkin Gutter. I thought I'd post it here too for anyone watching this topic. Here's how I keep it clean when using the Pumpkin Gutter:

1. Start at the top of the pumpkin and work your way down. This tends to push the mess down into the pumpkin and also reduces the number of strings that wrap around the shaft. Empty the pumpkin often.

2. The only time I've seen anyone create a mess, it is because they have strings wrapped around the shaft that spin around above the top of the pumpkin. THIS IS PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP FOR USING THE PG :!: ...If strings wrap around the shaft, remove the Pumpkin Gutter from the drill and slide the strings off the end. They come right off and then you're ready to chuck it back up and get back to gutting. Following step #1 above will minimize the need to do this, but it only takes a couple seconds and really eliminates any mess.

3. If you're concerned about getting the walls too thin, try running the drill at a high speed (while supporting it firmly with both hands) and apply light pressure to the areas you want to sculpt. More aggressive pressure is fine when you're removing the majority of the walls, but think "sculpting" when you start getting close to the desired thickness. If your pumpkin's walls are firm, it tends to work better than if they are getting soft.

I hope this helps. It is great to see that you are all still having a great time and success with my invention. Enjoy the season!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
The only time you might have to get your hands dirty while using the Pumpkin Gutter is if you remove it from the drill to slide off the strings that get wrapped around the shaft. But I tried to avoid having to do this by sliding a knife down the shaft and against the blades on the end... doing this a couple times can cut all the strings off, and you can keep on gutting, without having to remove the Gutter or touch anything gooey.

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By shutterbug
I admit I didn't read all 4 pages of info hear,just putting in my 2 cents worth...definately good items to have.We have about 4 of them & they work well for the gutting,but work extremely well for the thinning & shaving of the inside.They are hard on the drill however.I've noticed that mine has a muck looser chuck now.More like the chuck is loose on the drill.
Excellent tool for Halloween prep!!
By Lithium_joe
Just realised I never did post a review! :roll:

The postal strike of last year notwithstanding, the gutter arrived - and I LOVE it!

Gutting a pumpkin has never been easier.
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By Joey
It really hit me how awesome this thing is today when I was too lazy to find the drill and gutted a pumpkin by hand. It was such a pain. Not doing that again; pumpkin gutter forever!
I've used this with great effect, though the first few (esp if not your pumpkins are stop start as you inspect with great trepidation, lest you burst them)
..Well I shouldn't have worried, all was fine , with the assistance of another pair of hands & a proper electric high speed drill, the feeling was somewhat alien & not sure of myself or the gutter, took way too long for the first kin..

Beyond that it was a breeze...
Just remember to clean the gutter straight away otherwise you'll be scrubbing hardened goop off the next day...

Worth the money, no holding a fella back...
power tools + pumpkins = pleasure.
Gets you to the carving without drudgery, so perfect when getting children (whose attention spans are likely to wander) involved.
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By SaneInsideInsanity
I've just ordered one and im excited. It will make my carving production line go so much faster i hope. Thank you everyone for the reviews it was defiantly a seal for me to buy one this season.
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By intrimazz
after all the reviews by you experts and the excellent youtube vid, just placed my order :D

***UPDATE*** Sat Oct 24, 2009

Finally got around to my kin carvin today and let me tell you - I was nervous but after I got the speed and pressure down, I LOVE THIS TOOL!!!! I just finished using the pumpkin gutter for the first time and had to stop to type this (yea pumpkin threads and pastiness on my hands still) :lol:

I kept going til my arm cramped some (mostly due to nerves) and then released it from the drill and with a paper towel simply slid the threads of pumpkin guts down the end into the waste basket. As for the very bottom, the most stubborn parts were simply removed with my ice cream scooper. I like to work on the pumpkins alone, so just placing it down and using my other hand to hold it on an angle worked just fine. This makes the entire process of gutting actually a non-chore.

I am the new pumpkin carver in the family and in my circle of friends so this will look even more impressive to them when I bring it over and start using it like a pro :wink:

Pumpkin Gutter Rocks!
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By stormqueen29
I love mine.

It makes my job much faster and easier. What I do is this:

I'm crazy about pumpkin seeds, so I have my kids remove the seeds by hand, leaving mainly just some strings and the thinning to do.

At first the tool was a bit akward to use, and it took several tries to get the results I wanted.

BUT, once I became familiar with it and how best to use it, I can really go to town on a 'kin and get it done just right in no time.

One thing I have found that works for me, I use the gutter to go around the entire inside of the pumpkin from the top down. Then I go back to the side I want thinned and instead of going back and forth, I go up and down. It seems to work much better and more evenly for me doing it that way.

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By shutterbug
...this wonderful pce saved us about 4 hours of gutting last year!!...
By Lithium_joe
I convinced a friend on h2g2 to purchase a pro-carving set and a pumpkin gutter.

I was cleaning my blades today, getting ready for carving all next week. :twisted:
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Some folks have expressed mixed feelings about the Gutter, but maybe they're not using it right.

Once the strings are loosened up a bit and some goop removed, I work my way down the inner sides of the pumpkin gradually, with a back and forth motion. With some good solid pressure, thinning the sides as I go. Then I give the pumpkin a slight turn, and work my way down another area of the inner wall.

I then dump out the guts and scrapings I just created, and do a little more gutter grinding around the bottom to smooth that area. Maybe I'll post a tutorial video of this process.

You're not going to have much luck if you're just wiggling the Gutter end around in the center of the guts. It's more about scraping the sides to release the strings and smooth the walls.

Some of my carving party guests didn't use the Pumpkin Gutter, and not wanting to use too much elbow grease with hand tools, their pumpkins had some strings hanging inside. Which is fine if you don't mind that, but I like my inside really smooth and the Gutter helps with this.

You could use hand tools like a flat sided scoop, jar lids, and clay loops. These do a great job for making smooth inner walls, and you may very well likely want that level of finesse and control when you're thinning the front wall to a specific desired depth.

But for the majority of the work, the Pumpkin Gutter makes it quick and pretty fun, I must admit. While the average person might use a boring over-sized spoon, it's fun to see the look on their faces when you bring out the power tools with whirring blades. :twisted:
By Cheef
i love my pumpkin gutter and will liely buy another one next year. the one i have is working great still. but i want one the new ones for next season..

no issues with mine, you just gotta play with it and get the technique down.
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By SaneInsideInsanity
Loved the Gutter with everyones advice here it made quick work and a great end result i will definatly buy the new one when it comes out.
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