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By zombombie
Completed Aliens Infestation on the DS a little while ago and completely forgot to post it up here!

Aliens Inifestation is an Alien game following a group of Colonnial Marines as they try to extinguish the xenomorphs from several locations from the movie Aliens. It's an incredibly detailed, authentic and true representation of the Aliens franchise all in a handheld - even recreating some iconic moments:


It's got some great jump out of your seat moments and some great run for your life moments too. The cast of Marines is great, each one them unique - even each of their idle poses are different. The sound effects, music and atmosphere are all excellent as well :)

If you've got a DS or 3DS and your an Alien fan this is essential, if however you're a 2D platformer/shooter fan, like old Metroid or Castlevania games, I'd say that this is still absolutely woth picking up.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
I don't have a DS so I guess I won't get to check out this one. I do enjoy the Alien franchise, so I'd love to play a game from that world eventually.

Based on this screen shot above, do we assume the marines use that iconic mech suit to fight the aliens? I thought it was a cargo loader that Ripley just happened to think to use at the time. But if it worked for her, I suppose anyone can use it to fight a xenomorph.