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By zombombie
Has anyone played this? I've only just picked it up but I'm amazed at just how great it looks on the 3DS and the 3D really does add to it. Seems like it could give a few good "jump scares" and I always enjoy the Resi games (apart from 5) so I'm hoping this is a return to form with more enclosed spaces and more emphasis on the "survial" part of survival horror!
By Ajax
Bought it last night, haven't played it yet though. I played the demo and thought it looked amazing but wasn't a huge fan of the controls. Quite a huge undertaking for a handheld system 10 + hours. I can't really think of anything this huge ever made on a handheld. I think it's worth buying just so that Nintendo knows we want huge games like this on the handheld and not just angry bird type games.
By Ajax
Played it, beat it and enjoyed it. 8/10(spoiler alert)

This is a great handheld game made in chapters which make it great for on the go. They also have a previously on before the chapter starts to bring you up to speed if you have been aways from it for awhile. This game has great characters, pacing and weapons. Awesome Cruise ship setting and with some diving and underwater areas. Puzzles were very simple but effective. I would say i beat it in 15-20 hours.

I wasn't a huge fan of the mutants I prefer zombies in my Resident Evil and some of these creatures although well crafted were just boring or far fetched. The bosses on the other hand for the most part were really well designed and I enjoyed fighting them especially the final boss which reminded me of spawn. I don't usually pay a whole lot of attention to the story and if asked probably couldn't give a synopsis, but the story was acceptable as far as these things go. I think it's a prequel to the very first Resident Evil game.

This game is certainly worth your investment if you have a 3DS which you should because it's awesome. It is a decent length, has really cool and fun weapons to use, has an okay story, Great bosses, Okay but repetitive enemies, Amazing visuals in 3d. Worth the 39.99 investment. One other thing Circle Pad Pro add on to the 3ds highly recommended, makes the game much easier to control.