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We've got Izzy an xbox360 for the coming xmas & would like some recommendations as to games that will be ok for both nippers & adults..

(obviously i've already got one but it's meant I haven't paid much heed to kid friendly games)
She oviously steals my simpsons hit & run game, PGR3, & a few others... but I really need to start looking for content as she'll try whatevers placed in front of her.
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By zombombie
The Lego games are great! Batman, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean & Star Wars. A good selection, good for kids and adults, and a few of them are reasonably priced now :)

There are a few movie tie-in games that I've heard aren't terrible like Toy Story 3 as well.

I don't have much time just now but I'll do some digging for you Gus and try and get some good titles at good prices ;)
Ah, in the heat of the moment I forgot, she has a wii downstairs & the majority of the lego games..

This is for upstairs on her projector, & for watching dvds on, I think the old original xbox may be onit's last legs, so i've put my 360 in her room to get her used to it..
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By S.A.M
These are some of the kid friendly games that I've enjoyed on Xbox 360, well they're not just for kids are they :D

Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts (7+)

is a really fun game that requires you to use your imagination to build your own contraptions/vehicles to complete certain tasks, well worth a look.

Kameo. (12+)

This is a criminally overlooked game, it was one of the 360 launch titles and still remains one of the best action adventure platforming games on 360 to date. For the older kids this one, it's rated 12+

Beautiful Katamari (3+).

It's crazy, its fun, it's Katamari and The King of All Cosmos demands you own this.

Viva Pinata (U)

is another one to take a look at too, my niece loved it.

They're old games and you should be able to find them cheap as chips now.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Are you able to get your XBox 360 online to access to the XBL Arcade games? There are plenty kid friendly games in there for download, and most for a pretty cheap price too (compared to a full game bought on disc).
Good suggestions folks, any more'd be appreciated.

Ryan, i've never sussed out (well tried & failed once) to register for xbox live, still need to sort it out, i'm wondering how having 2 xbox 360's would affect any form of online play, there are a few things I'd like rather than solo play to try out.

would we need 2 xbox live accounts & subscriptions?

I guess if push comes to shove we can play head to head each on a projector
:lol: ...ooh bad!

She's in trouble at the moment, i'm very careful with discs & have only ever had trouble with them when loaning them out, mine are about as perfect as they get :| ..however she finally scratched my original copy of hit & run simpsons & it's getting tetchy to load on the 360 & impossible to load on the xbox (different quality lasers).

our house rule is there will only ever be ONE of anything bought so look after it, & normally she's very good, ..small kid, inevitable once in a while, but laying it on thick to drive the point home.

The only kid I know who will let you argue your point for why she ought to choose "x" over "y" as a big birthday / xmas present & thankyou for talking her through it, almost a year on she's still saying thankyou for her projector as she see's how much use it gets compared to a toy she'd have otherwise got.
someone appreciates me :lol:
By Tricksy Faery
Also I would suggest the Kinect. It has some fun game for both children and adults. Here are a few that we like and some that we are waiting for the release...

Dance Central 2
Wipeout: In The Zone
Kinect Star Wars (my nephew, niece, and husband are dying for this to come out)
Kinect Adventures!

Rated M:

Rise of Nightmares (Not so kid friendly but a great gory undead game for adults)
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By monstermash
Grand Theft Auto didn't do me any harm as a child...