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By zombombie
So on my travels through the internet, I found this:

Basically, it's a guy's personal project to make a fighting game that includes all the famous horror characters as fighters, Leatherface, Ash, Ghost Face etc.

It look pretty cool, especially as it's just the one guy that's working on it, but if this had full studio backing, official licenses and available to buy on console, I'd snap it up in an instant!!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Great concept for a game. I don't really play fighting games, but you can be sure I'd grab this one.

A good roster of characters too... and you know they all have trademark weapons and memorable movie kills that could be recreated.

Reading the info on the site, I like how the characters would all use their own fighting styles as shown in their respective movies. Not crazy fireballs and high kicks like a ninja.

In one screen shot I see Ghostface fighting Freddy in the setting of S-Mart (with shelves stocked with Good Guy dolls). Haha. Groovy.

Hey, but I didn't see Pinhead.