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So both Resident Evil 4 and Rsident Evil Code Veronica: X are being released with an HD overhaul this Autumn: ... e-us-this/

It appears they're going to be quite costly, which is a real shame. They're going to be in the XBox Games On Demand section which means they'll have a full 1000G to achieve but sadly I think they're retailing at £15.99 here in the UK and $20 in the States which, in my opinion, is far too expensive.

I might splash out if they were in a, for example, a Christmas sale, but I don't think I could pay that much for downloadable games that are 6 years old and 11 years old respectively.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Nice to see some old games get an HD makeover for a new audience that hasn't experienced them before. I remember enjoying Resident Evil 4 quite a bit, 6 years ago. But not enough to shell out more cash to play it again. Besides, I have way too many current and future games on my list that I'll probably never have time for anyway.