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By Zombie Pumpkins!
I received these release-day deliveries on my doorstep yesterday...


I was so tempted to play some Dead Island, but I hear that you can really get lost in this game for hours, which is time I can't afford right now. I really plan to focus all my free time on this website. Halloween season only comes once a year, so all my efforts must go to ZP!

I honestly might not get a chance to play until November, but that's okay. I'll suddenly have a lot of free time then, and Dead Island seems like a perfect thing to fill the gaps. I have a friend that wants to play some co-op at that time, so that should be fun.

I watched the video reviews on Gamespot and IGN. Seems like they're saying you can expect a thin story, uneven voice acting, and some rough graphics now and then. Which is a shame, but for such a large, open-world game, I think it's tough for everything to be 100% polished.

I'm willing to cut it some slack and give it a chance. The overall gameplay model seems fun. I look forward to taking on missions, exploring the large worlds, and ganging up on zombies with friends. The RPG elements should give me reason to keep going. I want to branch out my skill tree, upgrade my weapons, and improve my character.

Have fun, Dead Islanders... maybe I'll run into on the island in the coming months.
By Ajax
i'm going to wait a bit, maybe for a price drop or just some free time in the winter. Deus Ex and Resistance 3 look like a better bang for my buck and I don't really want to immerse myself in a fallout type world at the moment.
I'm going to wait on this for a while, I don't care for the reviews, some of my favourite games are from the original EARLY xbox, a good game is a good game regardless , if you like it. that's all that matters.

For instance I still plough through early Ghost recon, which I palyed on the pc (BACK WHEN SONIC WAS IN NAPPIES) :lol: ..then bought the early series on xbox, as the 360 was coming out, they still catch me out, it's atmosphere as much as anything.

My regret is that the promises of xbox360 compatability have been a complete crock overall, so many gamns cannot be played, so many games I've yet to finish if the xbox holds out that long in my daughters room.
(& i'm allowed the time)
By Ajax
I'm a fan of classic gaming, Mario, Donkey Kong country pretty much any side scrollers from Nintendo, Super Nintendo. All the Sonics etc. I just can't bring myself to play some of the shooters from even 3 or 4 years ago. They have just gotten so much better graphically this generation. I downloaded RE2 on the PSN and I was really disappointed. Games use to be so much more cumbersome example finding ink ribbon to save, 2 minute load times from room to room. Although they didn't play themselves like some of the games these days which it's hard to even die.

You can get some good deals on newer games though I picked up Socom 4 and Homefront for 15.99 each at costco. They were just clearing out stock and they are both great games. Give a game 3 months these days and there are usually price cuts.

I agree with you on the reviews thing. My biggest example of this would be Gun for the PS2 and Xbox amazing game that basically laid the ground work for Red Dead Redemption, much like Driver did for GTA got low reviews 6s and 7s out of 10 and was an amazing game at the time.
By Ajax
More recently Fallout New Vegas was given a low review at and is argueably one of the best games of 2010. Dead Island has been compared to Fall out in many ways so my guess is it's brillant and immursive. I've convinced myself i'm picking it up tonight.
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By zombombie
Be sure to give us a review Ajax, would be interested to hear your thoughts. I've heard of the similiarites between Dead Island and Fallout, and seeing as I'm not a fan of Fallout it just means I'll definitely be waiting for a price cut!
By Ajax
Edinburghzombie wrote:Be sure to give us a review Ajax, would be interested to hear your thoughts. I've heard of the similiarites between Dead Island and Fallout, and seeing as I'm not a fan of Fallout it just means I'll definitely be waiting for a price cut!
Not a fan of Fallout you say??? Granted it's buggy, dated and just plain ugly. Fallout 3 and more so Fallout New Vegas are two of my favorite games of all time. i have over 120 hours of gameplay into new vegas and over 60 in fallout 3. I like RPG/Shooter style games like Mass Effect and Fallout. The thing that turns me off a little about Dead Island is that it's Melee combat which i'm not a big fan of in 1st person perspective. This works well in Dead Rising in 3rd person but I don't think it's going to be as awesome in 1st person. I'm not a fan of driving in 1st person either which seems to have it's place in Dead Island as well.

I think I need a vacation though and it looks like a great place to spend some time. Plus it's not 6 hours like your standard shooter it's 20 hours and up which is a bonus. I'll let you know how I make out. Started socom 4 last night and i'm loving it, so few good third person games out there which I always thought were better then 1st person.
By Ajax
Sorry didn't end up getting it yet was sold out everywheres for the past two weeks and I blew my budget on foam pumpkins yesterday :? There are really expensive in Canada %55 off and it's $10 for the med ones 16.50 for the large ones. preordered Skyrim, Arkham city, and Drake 3 though got $150 in store credit on some old games towards them.
Y'know i've yet to play a game I want to trade in, every single one of mine is a keeper, probably because i never buy till a game is a few years old so whilst it's new to me the views of a game are pretty much settled & I know exactly what I'm buying into.

Must save a fortune that way.
By Ajax
I hate to trade but I also hate to pay full price $59.99 for a game so if there is a good deal on I will sometimes cave. $25 each for Mass Effect xbox, animal crossing ds, zelda ds, la noire ps3, Hard rain ps3, and homefront ps3 i beat the campaignes in all of them and hardly ever play multiplayer so $150 towards 3 new games was well worth it. I would never part with my Marios, Donkey Kongs, non ds Zelda games or anything like that but I rarely play my old games and really don't think there will ever be much collectable value to them. I don't like the fact the game company isn't going to get money off the resell but they are mine to sell. I am a huge hater of ebgames but it was to good a deal to pass up. If i miss them I can pick them up cheap in a year or two. I even traded Dead Rising 2 :shock: at one point which is terrible I know but i think I got $35 for it and only spent $39 on it so it's more like i'm renting the game until I beat it.
By Ajax
Some friends at worked have played Dead Island and love it to stay on topic. At IGN they did find a game breaking bug though which scares me off a bit i'm not a big fan of buggy games and may wait for some patches or Game of the year edition that is sure to come next year.
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By zombombie
Thanks to some trade in I caved and bought Dead Island (for the 360)... I'm really enjoying it so far :) Lopping a zombies head clean off with a cleaver was a high point :twisted:

There are a few (in my opinion) minor buggy issues, like some texture pop and a couple of arms through doors, but it doesn't spoil the game at all. The island is HUGE so I think I'll be playing it for a while.

If anyone's looking for some co-op action be sure to hit me up :) PM me and we can trade gamertags :)