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By Ajax
You caved in and bought it :o . It looks great I think theres been a few updates to fix some of the bugs. I'd join to on Xbox but i' m not connected on xbox since i have one of the older versions without wireless and don't want to run a super long cord through my house. I might try to figure something out though.
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By zombombie
So I played Dead Island last night on multiplayer and it was a LOT of fun! The minus is that it really slowed the game in parts when there was a lot going on and unlike Left 4 Dead, you can all go the same character if you like... So there was me playing as Sam and 3 guys playing as Logan. It was a bit of an odd sight!! :lol:
By Ajax
I've decided to wait on this for a price drop but I have preordered Rage which is coming out next week :D
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By CombichristGirl
i picked this up and love it. it could use some improvments but im sur ethey will work on it. there were some early bug that they took care of