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By S.A.M

A Halloween themed RPG? How did this one almost escape my attention?!
Costume Quest is an adventure role playing game and downloadable on PS3 and Xbox 360, it's based on trick or treating! I've downloaded the demo and I love the setting and atmosphere the game creates. Exploring and trick or treating the neighbourhood all decorated with pumpkins as playful Halloween music plays in the background and the autumnal leaves fall from the trees; it really captures the feeling of Halloween night.


Metacritic rating: ... tume-quest
In the game, the player controls a child that is trick-or-treating with his or her younger sibling on Halloween night when they encounter a monster that kidnaps the sibling, thinking the candy-corn outfit is really candy. The player must travel around the local neighborhood collecting items for their costume, fellow children as companions and candy in order to face the monster and retrieve the sibling. The costume aspects are used in battle segments, where the player character and companions are transformed into the monsters and creatures they are dressed as to fight other monsters
I love how when you enter battle you transform into a massive kick-ass version of the costume, just like you used to imagine you're costume looked like when you were a kid :lol:

I haven't bought it, I've only played the demo but it really is worth checking out, it put a massive smile on my face :D
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By SuperSonic
This looks AWESOME!!!
By Tricksy Faery
Oh that looks kewl. I'll have to download the Demo and maybe buy it. :D
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By S.A.M
Just a quick heads up for anyone interested in buying this game it's now half price as a part of the Shocktober promo on Xbox for one week only.

It's now 600 msp (£5.14 / $7.50) instead of the original 1200 (£10.28 / $15) which makes this game fantastic value :D I've been holding out for a price cut and here it is.

I know we're all busy preparing for Halloween but if you're interested in the game buy it now before it goes back up, plenty of time to enjoy it after Halloween :D ... s-Week-Two
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By CombichristGirl
Edinburghzombie wrote:Will check out the demo later :) great find!
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By zombombie
Forgot all about Costume Quest! Stopped playing after Halloween and didn't go back until yesterday.

Completed it today, bought the DLC (Grubbins on Ice) straight away and completed it one sitting. Absolutely loved that game :) Got all the achievements too, so that was good ;)
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By sloaner
That looked so great I just downloaded it, I might wait till after summer to start playing, that will defiantly get me in the halloween mood.