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I've had this game for a few months now and can never really get into it. Although there are some imaginative ways to kill zombies, I find the pace and the graphics fairly slow. I was extremely disappointed on the first play and that level of fulfillment has pretty much remained the same.

At the same time I bought Madworld which I absolutely love. The black and white graphics (with the exception of blood) are fantastic although I must admit it does leave me with a headache on occasion.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Sorry to hear you're not getting more enjoyment out of Dead Rising. I own it for the Xbox360 (the existence of the game was one of the deciding factors in my deciding to buy an Xbox360 actually). I enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to the upcoming sequel.

But I realize we're not talking about the same exact game. Having read some reviews of the Wii version, it seems they had to make some sacrifices to make it work with the Wii's hardware. Frank can't jump, can't take pictures, new Wii-mote controls, lower resolution graphics. Overall, a slightly lower rated game compared to it's original source.

But I'm sure the same sort of "bash zombies on the head with anything you want" gameplay is still there, and maybe it's not entirely your cup of tea. That's okay, there are plenty of other zombie games out there (and more on the way, I'm sure!)

I wasn't familiar with Madworld (not available for any console I have, I guess) but I just watched a trailer and it looks interesting. Visually unique and a bloody good time. And I can appreciate a character named "Jack" who seems to channel certain traits of Evil Dead's Ash.
By Ajax
I loved Dead Rising for the Xbox 360 with exception of not being able to see text without a hd television. It is kind of like Grand Theft Auto with zombies. I loved using the chainsaws and lawnmowers and samarai swords to destroy the zombies. I had alot of fun with that game. I don't find it comparable to Resident Evil 4 or 5 both of which you can buy for the wii. Resident Evil 4 for the Wii is suppose to be the best version compared to the ps2 and gamecube versions. I played the ps2 version and it was awesome, one of my all time favorite games.
By JMP919
I have tried both and I gotta agree that the 360 version is much more impression. You could tell that the wii couldn't handle the amount of zombies that the 360 version. I remember Frank could jump on top of the zombies and run on top of them. They also cut corners by blocking off a bunch of the paths around planters, fountains, etc. to give the illusion that there is more zombies. I think they did improve the guns, but other than that, I'd skip it.