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By arcane_reaper
yes! i would get it but i dont ;have a ps3 or xbox 360 i just have a normal xbox... :cry:
By Kittie
Ouch. I got my 360 last Christmas. My husband and I decided it would be a good gift for the both of us. In April we bought Guitar Hero II, and I am actually better at it then all of his guy friends (YES go Girl Gamers!). We just bought GHIII and I LOVE IT!!! I am anticipating next Tuesday for Rock Band. I want to play the drums so bad!
By arcane_reaper
i might get a 360 for christmas this year... atleast i really hope i do :(
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By joeincogento
My daughter bought Guitar Hero III with her birthday money, and I have to say that it's the best money I've never spent. It's as addictive as Tetris. At some point, I'm going to let her play. Maybe.
By Kittie
If you like Guitar Hero, you have to try Rock Band. You get to play the DRUMs!!!

I am good a Guitar and Bass, but I can't do better then medium on the drums as of yet. But thinking back, I started off playing GHII on Medium. . practice practice practice!
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By Wedge
Okay so I need some help with this one. I have never played any of the Guitar Heros so I don't have any idea about either system. For Christmas I am planning on buying 1 of the 2 systems for my roommates and myself. I have a playstation 2 so that would be the system i am going with. any ideas which I should buy?
Thanks for any and all help
By arcane_reaper
i have played all of the guitar heros and i love them. iv never played rock band... so im gonna go with guitar hero :D
By Kittie
Rock Band is far superior to Guitar Hero. I LOVED Guitar Hero II and III which I have for my 360. . and I can say since I got Rock Band. . . I haven't played either of them. But I don't have a PS2. I own the Xbox 360 so I can download all kinds of new content, and I have no idea if the PS2 can do that. Also I can play online with other people.

I like the extra playability that Rock Band offers. Playing the Drums is INSANELY fun. It's hard, but it's a ton of fun. For a good party game to play with friends, or alone, I would deffinately go with Rock Band.

But Maybe you should checkout the Set Lists for each game and see which one has songs you like more.
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By Tkaraoke
How much do you have to pay for new content? Is it included in your monthly fee for XBOX LIVE?
By Kittie
No it isn't included.

Xbox Live gold is $49.99 for a full year.

The songs are $2.00 each, or you can get 3 at a time for $4.50.

Its not bad really. I mean, an MP3 costs 99 cents, and you can only listen to it.

A song on Rock Band you can play the Bass, Guitar, Drums, or Sing it! And it adds longevity to the game!

Plus you can only buy the songs you want, so if you don't want them, you don't have to buy them. :0

We are playing right now. So back to playing!!! Just taking a short break from an 8 song set.
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By Tkaraoke
That sounds pretty impressive. Is there a website you can visit to see a list of songs that are out there for the game?