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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Anyone here play Until Dawn? I love the idea of an interactive horror movie. After years of watching slasher movies and shouting in vain at the dumb teenagers on the screen, you finally get the chance to control the characters. Do you investigate that noise outside, or stay in the cabin? Do you split up, or stick together? Do hide from the killer in the closet, or run down the stairs?

Making use of the butterfly effect, your choices have permanent consequences. As it turns out, an interactive horror movie is more intense than just watching a one. Because if you get them killed, the blood is on your hands. I was literally holding my breath at times (you have to keep the controller still to hide).

The lighting and camera angles are very cinematic. Collecting clues got a bit tedious, but I did enjoy piecing together the mysteries and mythology. Many horror tropes are on display, some in tribute, some to subvert expectations By the halfway point I still didn't know if I was dealing with a human killer, creature danger, or supernatural threat. Is all of these? Or none?

There are 8 teen characters in the main cast, and depending on your choices, they can all live or all die. I'm proud to say that I saved all but one (and the one I got killed wasn't integral to the plot). :thumbsup:

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By S.A.M
Fantastic write up Ryan, you've given me the nudge I need to get to playing this, I picked it up a a fair while back at a bargain price but it's sat on my shelf in a little stack of games to play. I have played the Playstation VR game Until Dawn: Rush of Blood which is essentially a roller coaster, fairground horror ride come shooting game and it's bloody fantastic, one of the best games on PSVR; full of scares that'll have you jumping, shouting/swearing :lol: I think it features characters or at least the bad guy/thing from the main Until Dawn game. I love PSVR btw it's like having your own theme-park ride :thumbsup:
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
S.A.M, have you had a chance to play Until Dawn yet? If so, what did you think?

I know some people prefer a more action-based game. Critics of Until Dawn might say that it's too much like a cut-scene, with gameplay comprised of quicktime events with timed button presses. But I'm a fan of film and storytelling, so I don't mind a game that sometimes just makes me watch. There's enough interactivity and choice making that I feel like I'm shaping the story. And plenty of time to walk around on my own exploring for clues in the environments too.

As for Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, I looked it up when I finished Until Dawn and for a moment I was excited that there was a sequel or DLC to the first game. Then I realized it was a VR game that isn't really part of the original story. Not that it doesn't look awesome though! I just don't have Playstation VR so I can't experience it. I watched a few video clips and it looks like a great idea for a VR game. But putting you on a track in a carnival park ride, there's an excuse for you to be moving through space (even when you're actually just sitting/standing in place) as you look around, shooting targets and monsters.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood does indeed use some of the characters and creature effects from the source game. Just without much context of the story they come from, I suppose. I hope the VR game didn't give away any of the twists that you'd experience when playing Until Dawn though!