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By chuckwagon
So, if you're a gamer, and keep up with the news, you may have seen an article or two recently about Sony's intent to launch Project Morpheus sometime in the first half of 2016... I noticed one article specifically mentioned a 110 degree field of view, which i think is greater than the original design that was, I THINK, only 90 degrees. It makes sense because the Oculus has a 110 degree field of view as well, and Sony needs to be competitve if they dare enter the realm of VR... I could go into a few of the other major details of comparison between both systems, but has anyone else done any studying on these? I'd like to think that I may one day get an Oculus, but with Sony's announcement, and projected 2016 release being so soon, I feel like I'm already starting the personal struggle like I did with the PS3 vs 360, and PS4 vs XBox One...