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By paddy_babe
We've got a PS4 but mainly play the PS3 still, I hate the fact that the 4 is not backwards compatible :x Eventually we want to have the retro consoles too. So far we have PS1, PS3, PS4, xbox 360 (hardly any games apart from Minecraft and Fable lol), SNES, and Sega mega drive (I've been showing the kids Sonic and explaining to them that there was no save!) The next one I am DYING to get is N64, Mario and Goldeneye <3

As for games the only ones I've completed recently is Dante's Inferno, Black Ops 2 (campaign) Advanced Warfare (campaign) and Hitman Absolution. My main game at the moment is Skyrim, our old PS3 died a terrible over-heated death and I lost all my game data for Skyrim, Fallout etc (basically everything but COD because the progress and gun classes are saved online) so I've been racking up Skyrim time (*just* got to Alduin again). I need to get onto the Assassin's Creed franchise and Alien Isolation is gathering dust :? I really wanted to pre-order the new Black Ops 3 Juggernog edition but it sold out in record time and then popped up all over ebay with a 60% mark up! grrr. I'm gonna pray that Game has put some aside for the release date and queue up at midnight if need be (I missed out on the old COD edition that came with the RCXD so really don't want a repeat lol)

Omg speaking of old consoles, does anyone remember Nightmare Before Christmas; Oogie Boogie's Revenge on Playstation 2?! I need that game in my life again :lol: