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By SuperSonic
Check it out! They've made a sequel to the smash hit PVZ!

Plants VS Zombies 2

The same gameplay you all know and love is still here, a long with some new plants for you to use and abuse to kill those Zombies! Crazy Dave also returns with a new character (which is a car) by the name of Penny, and you time travel while killing zombies with your army!

I downloaded this a couple days ago on my iPhone and I'm not dissapointed :)


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By Zombie Pumpkins!
I'm glad you brought this up, SuperSonic. I downloaded Plants vs Zombies 2 the day it was released and have been hooked since. It's exactly what I hoped it would be. I was able to jump right into it, with a sense of familiar gameplay. But then there are new characters and mechanics gradually introduced to keep it feeling fresh. And overall, the style just has even more polish. Totally worth the wait. I'll be digging deeper into this world, I can tell you that much. Anyone else playing it yet?

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By SuperSonic
I'm quite peeved about the difficulty of some of the locked levels (that obviously I have unlocked). Sometimes I wonder how much harder they will make games before I just give up. :P

I like the new mechanics, although there are a few things I have a gripe about. EA being the one to have published it annoys me a bit. They always make games seemingly impossible and no fun to beat. Plus I just don't like them.

But for sure the fact that the game has the same feel to it is great! I'm struggling a bit as I mentioned earlier in the post. That isn't stopping me however. I also like the added challenges to levels you've already completed.

Overall from what I've experienced so far, I give the game a solid 9/10.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
I hear you, SuperSonic. Some of the side levels that you unlock can be quite challenging. They have certain changes to the gameplay style, or they request that you meet certain criteria to earn a star. Compared to the normal levels with follow the usual patterns, these side missions really require you to put on your thinking cap and try different strategies, maybe employing different plants you don't often use.

But at least all the levels on the main path are pretty straightforward. I've already completed the main missions on all 3 of the maps currently available. Now I'm just trying to unlock and beat all the side paths to earn all the keys and stars possible. 8)

One thing I really like about this game is that you're not required to do all the unlocked levels in a specific order. Especially once you open all the paths, you're free to jump in and out of any level (and any of the multiple worlds) at will. The benefit here is... if you find that you're stuck on a certain level, you can go do some other levels to earn some upgrades. Then you can come back to that tricky level, and maybe you'll find it easier with a new plant you acquired later in the game.

I've heard that publisher EA has gotten a bad rap with some of their games, but this particular franchise is designed and developed by PopCap which is a group I trust. I have a bunch of mobile games by PopCap and they're all a lot of fun.
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By SuperSonic
Yes I agree. Pop Cap has some of the best games out there. The fact that you can revisit something later is also a great feature. I think that PVZ will evolve in later years to being something really main stream, which is great because I want more out of it. How about a Sunflower pattern Ryan XD.

Also, coming soon to PC and XB1 and 360

PVZ: Garden Warfare

PVZ has gone TPS, and it looks stunning, and game play seems more of a shooter than a skill based game, like the others. Too bad I'm getting PS4, but I can still play this on PC :)