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By nosferatu
I like the look of Zombi U, for the new Wii console, I just don't want to buy another Wii console. One is more than enough. Using the new control tablet looks clunky to me. I just want to pretend I'm pointing a gun to a zombie's head rather than taking its food order. Maybe I will be convinced but its such an expensive outlay that they would have to produce more games of this ilk for me to dip into my pocket.

The problem with the old Wii was that they were lacking in first person shooter games. I loved House of the Dead Overkill and a couple more, however, 3 games that I like in 5 years is not enough. No doubt this is the same marketing ploy. Get the dads to buy it and then just concentrate on family games.

The tablet concept would have been great 3 years ago but when there are free apps like Dead Trigger etc why bother buying a pricey console and expensive games. Dead Trigger is limited but Zombi U would have to have infinite levels of play for me to invest. They'll have to drop prices before Christmas I imagine.

Having said all that, love the look of London in the graphics and videos I've seen. The quality of the game isn't in doubt it's the fact that you have to buy a new console to play it on.
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By CombichristGirl
i agree! I'd love to play it but now worth a new console. Also im gonna have to be a sheep and buy a new xbox anywyas when they come out lol.
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By pagemaster1993
I saw this on Youtube. Other than this I know nothing.