Tomes from the tomb, recommend reading for you cultured creatures.
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By zombombie
My lovely wife bought me this for Christmas:


I'm a big Alien fan (Aliens being my personal favourite) so this book is all the way my cup of tea!

It gives an in depth look at the making of the original Alien and includes sleeves in the book filled with copies of original art work, pages of the script, even a construction blue print of the Nostromo :D There are tons of amazing photos and the amount of information is mind boggling!

I highly recommend it if you're an Alien fan, or even a fan of film making!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Sounds like a book that I'd find interesting and inspiring. My creative mind loves learning about how movies are made. Especially movies I like. I have the Alien Anthology on bluray, and I watched every moment of the very exhaustive bonus features. A must for any Alien fan.