Tomes from the tomb, recommend reading for you cultured creatures.
By Ajax
Anyone read this yet??? I haven't but I want to, think i'm getting it for Christmas.
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By ghostface
This book is on my Christmas list! Really want to read it!
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By SuperSonic
Didn't even hear about this one until now. This is where my Christmas money is going! :D
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By CombichristGirl
hmm not sure how i feel about this one. sounds good but mister king has played me before haha i will check it out at some point though :)
By Ajax
I'm about 600 -700 pages into this 800 page monster. I'm enjoying it. It is different from Kings usual outings, but i still rank it very highly. Since Under the Dome I haven't really found anything that i really liked reading and needed to finish but I love this book. I guess you would call it historical fiction. I lacks monsters and ghosts but retains alot of the fantasy and violence that makes king popular. It is written as a manuscript from the writers point of view. If you enjoy King or did enjoy King at some time in your lIfe you owe it to yourself to read this it's pretty great.
By Ajax
I have finished this book and I highly recommend it. This is written from the perspective of the author it is a manuscript of his journey through time. I kept reading and at a fast pace because I was really intrigue about the outcomes of things he was doing in the past on the future. This book is well researched and constructed. It fell apart a bit at the end for me, which can be a complaint about most King books which are more of a journey then a destination. Very Solid read and the best thing I have read since Under the Dome. Keep in mind this is a monster of a book over 800 pages. solid 4/5 stars for me.
By Ajax
anyone else read this yet?
By Ajax
Anyone? Buellur, Buellur, Buellur