Tomes from the tomb, recommend reading for you cultured creatures.
By danw
....A long time ago in an area of northern India there were two kingdoms owned by greedy Rajas......Tax guards were stationed on the borders of these two kingdoms....

Everyday at one of the points a young man with his donkey, piled high with barley straw would cross from one border to the other.....

The guard would demand of the young man to reveal any valuables that would be taxed at the crossing! The man would say, "I have nothing, if you find anything of value I will gladly pay you tax on it.." The guard screamed, " you are hiding valuables you plan to sell in the market in the straw!" The man replied," I have nothing to hide." The guard tore into the straw pile on the donkeys back...there was straw in the air, all over the ground. Yet nothing of value. The guard yelled, " I Know you are smuggling something !" He checked in the donkey mouth, under the tail...patted down the young man...He could find nothing....Finally in anger waved the young man across the border..scolding him the whole time!

This went on for years....every day!

After 22 years the Tax guard retired...He was walking in the market place one day thinking where the man could have possibly hidden his valuables...In the donkeys hair? In the tail? Where! He was obsessed with the mystery....
Suddenly he recognized a familiar face walking in the market...It was the smuggler! The retired guard yelled, "Hey You! Come speak to me!" The man came over...The guard said, " I am retired now...I am no longer a threat to you...Please, if you can, tell me what you were smuggling?"

The man smiled....and said,

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