Tomes from the tomb, recommend reading for you cultured creatures.
By Ajax
I got this for Christmas and man is it ever good. I've been reading zombie literature, playing zombie games, and watching zombie movies for many years and this is my favorite take on zombies and survival horror ever. It's over 1000 pages for only $40 well worth the purchase if you haven't read them before in some form. It is actually a complete story by itself if you decided not to buy the comics afterwards. It has issues 1-48 of the comics which is a steal at $40. It's over 7 years worth of comics in one issue. There is also talk of making it into a tv series. ... 950&sr=8-1
By DevilxKat
This is a great series! Pretty sure I've only read through the mid 60s and they're up to issue 77 or 78 now.
By Ajax
It was sold out for awhile but I think they restocked. It's the best grapic novel i've ever read and the best zombie story line ever told in any format hands down.
By Ajax
For Fans of walking dead and Robert Kirkman I suggest this


I just ordered it from amazon and got it the other day. i haven't read it yet but it looks awesome. Not my hand by the way found the image online.
By Ajax
I'm just waiting for the right time with Dead Rising coming out on teusday and the site launch on wednesday now is just not the right time. Looks amazing though Kirkman is my new Mcfarlane.
By Ajax
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I was just checking to see if you looked at the literature section. :lol: But seriously Wednesday right?