Tomes from the tomb, recommend reading for you cultured creatures.
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By SuperSonic
Ajax wrote:I read a book every two weeks or if it's longer one a month. Favorite Authors are Richard Matheson, Stephen King , Arthur C Clarke, Bernard Cromwell Cormac Mccarthy. I read a bit of everything Science fiction, horror, fantasy, historical fiction, horror wait did I already say that.

Suggested reads:

Hell House
2001 a space oddesy
Warlord chronicles trilogy
the Road
Ghost Story
I am Legend

Currently reading Fehrenheit 451 which is excellent so far and reminds me alot of 1984. My first Ray Bradbury I think i'll try him again. Any suggestions?
Something Wicked This Way Comes

The Halloween Tree
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By vibhandaka
I have times where it seems like I am constantly reading and then I have "dry spells", I guess I go in spurts. Currently I am reading "The Vampire Diaries", I've not had much time to read this week, because I have been on Jury Duty.
By Lithium_joe
I need a new book shelf, my present one is over-stuffed.

I'm a very fast reader though usually takes me a day or two to complete a modest novel if I concentrate on it.

I'm currently on the 6th Kathy Reichs 'Bones' book, started those in Late August.

I also tend to read multiple books at once, so I'm also about 2/3rds the way through Richard Dawkins "The Greatest Show on Earth" the other week I polished off Jerry Coyne's "Why Evolution is True."

I'm the polar opposite to my brother who doesn;t read at all or (by his own admission) the closest he gets is teletext or the TV Guide. I think he last read a book for pleasure when he was 11. (He's now 23)
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By vibhandaka
I can't read two books at once. I'm a one book woman, lol. I tried reading two at once and I got the characters/plot mixed up, plus one book was way better and I just couldn't put it down!
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By SuperSonic
i can read up to 6 at once
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By minion_of_the_pumpkin
vibhandaka wrote:I can't read two books at once. I'm a one book woman, lol. I tried reading two at once and I got the characters/plot mixed up, plus one book was way better and I just couldn't put it down!
im like that too. if one book gets more interesting i totally forget about the other
By Lithium_joe
Oh in fits and starts to be sure, but I mean I cna put down a book turn to another read some of that return to the first and pick up where I left off.
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By stoneoaks
I read every night.

I usually smoke right thru them 1 every week or two if not faster.

I read all kinds of stuff but primarily science fiction, horror and fantasy.

I recently finished a big series, The Eye of the World series by Robert Jordan. Like 12 books.

And oh yes!!! The Walking Dead comic books!!!
They are out in trades now, an absolute MUST read for
anyone who luvs zombies, horror with a good plot line.

And I can only read one book at a time, Im just not that bright to do more, lol.
By Joey
Oh god Wheel of Time! I read those back in middle school when I was young and naive and didn't know of good fantasy. I'm waiting for them to finish before I read any more, I was burned bad by 10. 1000 pages and nothing happened!
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By emilymegan
Hmmmm, during wedding season I read about one every week or so as I'm quite busy. But, I've been known to get through a book in a day, more often than not.

I love Stephen King; he's what I'm reading right now. I also read a wide range of things from romance (Danielle Steel is as sappy as I get) to horror. Basically if it's good and won't put me to sleep, I'll read it.
By DevilxKat
I devour books. I'm probably reading 3 or 4 books a week. After I moved in August, I was reading a new book every nyte for 2 or 3 weeks.

I'm currently reading :
World War Z (almost done)
I Am Legend (will start tomorrow)
Irish Fairy and Folk Tales
Making Faces, Playing God: Identity and the Art of Transformational Makeup

I prefer to read fantasy, horror, scifi, paranormal romance and thrillers.

Fav authors:
Clive Barker (I even named my business Midian)
Laurell K Hamilton
Terry Goodkind
Janet Evanovich
Dean Koonts
...and many others
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By paddy_babe
oh Amen Kat, I have read most of the Merry books by Hamilton (cant remember what the series is called) and am just about to start her vamp hunter series (anita blake?)
I do like Kelley Armstrong aswell :D
By Joey
This past year I've been on a huge Brandon Sanderson kick. First went through his Mistborn trilogy, then late this summer picked up Way of Kings, which is bigger than my cat. Finished his other books after that, and now I'm all out. He's a great fantasy writer, he creates excellent magic systems. I recommend him to anyone who's into fantasy!

Just started Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, which I've heard good things about but it hasn't quite grabbed me yet.
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By punchi
I have a reading addiction. I read A LOT!!! Depending on the age level of the book, how into it I am, and how much dialog is involved really determines how many I read a week. Currently into the Cirque du Freak books. They are young adult, like Twilight, Harry Potter, etc. It takes me about 3 hours to read one of those. When I was reading the Sookie Stackhouse books, it was one a day. The passage took me about 5 days. If there's a lot of dialog, I blow through them. The Dexter books have a lot of inner monologue, so they take a bit longer. Vonnegut and Tom Robbins jump around a lot, not as much dialogue, so they take me a little longer. Recently read Cat's cradle, that took about 3 days and Robbins Still Life with Woodpecker took me about the same. It just seems like when there's dialog, I can just see the interaction take place and don't actually "read" it? Does that make sense? lol
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By suzika
I read constantly. This year has been the year of the vampire for me. Sookie Stackhouse series, Anita Blake (reading Cerulean Sin right now), Twilight (hush, my niece asked me to read them and anything that gets her reading I will do), hmm, I know there were some more.

Next is Dexter series, I have book one on reserve from the library right now.