Tomes from the tomb, recommend reading for you cultured creatures.
Not sure if this has been mentioned in another thread but Stephen King has finally written a sequel to The Shining. Good interview with him about the book.

"Doctor Sleep follows the young boy who survived the horrific events of The Shining.

King said he decided to write the book because "people kept asking" him "whatever happened to that kid from The Shining?"

In the book, Danny Torrance has become a care worker in a hospice, who uses his psychic 'Shining' ability to help people who are dying move from this world into the next.

He meets a little girl who also has the Shining and is pursued by psychic vampires who live on the essence of children like her.

Doctor Sleep will be released on 24 September 2013."
He's wrong about the film interpretation in my opinion. It's one of the few times his work has been adapted and is superior to the original novel.

What I find scary is that Stephen King and Billy Jean King have never been seen in the same room together. :pale:
I'm actually really excited about this book. I loved the Shining and love Stephen King. I'm not expecting it to be anything like the original or comparable in any way. Even though I've talked to a number of people who are already comparing the two and have decided it's not going to be any good.
I've stopped reading 11/22/63 just so I can read this first. I'm very excited for this release. Although I havent read it, I have seen The Shining. So I can't wait for this to come out. I already pre-ordered it!
Sounds like a good read to me, there are several of his novels I'd like to see sequels too. I kept waiting for a full sequel to Salem's lot too but don't think that's gonna happen :cry:
staticfurball wrote:Sounds like a good read to me, there are several of his novels I'd like to see sequels too. I kept waiting for a full sequel to Salem's lot too but don't think that's gonna happen :cry:

Not with the way the book ends. If you want a so called "sequel" you can read The Dark Tower series, which makes several mentions of various King books, including Salems Lot.

I know this is a big image, but its always tough to find a good one.


On the Dark Tower books, and the books related, you will see the above symbol. Typically, on the rear cover. I guess in some ways they are the extension of the novels listed here.

If you check this link out., you will find all the books related to "The Dark Tower" Series.

Not exactly a sequel, but it's as close as you get.


I hope to pick this book up soon. I have my pre-order slip, and the book is paid for. Just waiting on them to tell me it's in stock.
Giving this post a proper bump.

I've only read 20 pages, and I DO NOT want to put this down. Infact its even hard writing this post without wanting to pick it back up.

If anyone here is a fan of King's writing style, I STRONGLY suggest picking this up and reading it. For the small start I have, its a good read. :frank: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
I'm going to be starting this one tonight. I was reading something else when it came out. I only read at night before going to sleep so it might take me awhile to finish, unless I stay up all night reading.
Anyone else finish this book? I'd like to hear what y'all thought.

Let me start by saying I liked this book, but I was also disappointed by it. I loved the creepiness of The Shining and the ghosts/haunting of the Overlook hotel. The hedge animals that moved when you weren't looking at them scared the heck out of me. Dr. Sleep did not have anything like that in it. I imagine that's what King wanted, a different story, but I was hoping for that same scary feel. I think Dr. Sleep could have easily been written not as a sequel, but as a stand alone novel with different characters. King could have easily referred to "the shining" as ESP or something and not billed this as a sequel, although I'm sure that helped it sell. Still, it was a good story.
I enjoyed reading the book but was seriously disappointed with it. It seemed more comic / graphic novel material than an actual novel. I had high hopes in the beginning as I thought it might tap into the same thread as The Lovely Bones but it was not to be, it went more Scooby Doo instead. Such a shame.