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By chuckwagon
I've heard these guys on the radio, and always found myself bobbing my head to the music, but never really looked into it much until last night. So far I'm really diggin' it. IMO, they are pretty musically diverse group within the rock genre. They have a good amount of lighter rock songs, but they also have a very good amount of harder and heavier metal style songs. Even King Diamond appears as a guest vocalist on the newest album "outlaw gentlemen and shady ladies" in a song titled 'room 24'. I think the vocals are what really grabbed my attention to start with. I nice mix of punky sound coupled with a bit of what is called "huarah" that has been used to describe the sounds of James Hetfield in recent years. In a nutshell, I would describe them as follows: imagine if Social Distortion and Metallica (from the late 90's to present), got together and made a bastard child of music with a sprinkling of Rockabilly and country here and there... The product might sound very similar to Volbeat. I really like it, and would recommend a listen to anyone. The song 'heaven nor hell' might be one of the more recent and more popular songs you would recognize if you listen to rock stations on the radio. Anyway, check em out! You might just like em too! :)= :)

PS- the lead singer kinda reminds me of Mike Ness' current look from Social D.
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