Trading tips for gutting, transferring, and carving the real thing.
By JMP919
So between a "decorate your department" contest at work and my house, the week of Halloween will force my friends and I to carve about 50 pumpkins and I was thinking of a way to make it a little easier. Has anyone had any luck with a dremel tool or something for some of the easier patterns with a lot of straight lines?
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Have you considered something like the Pumpkin Masters Power Master? Other companies sell similar battery powered saws (I sold a version in my online shop before).

They work pretty well, although mostly just for long straight lines, as you might expect. I don't know if such an item would be a major time saver, but it could save you some hand fatigue over time.
By Ajax
Do you have the pumpkin gutter drillbit? Thats a must I ordered a second one to have this year.
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By Hottie McNaughty
I also recommend the pumpkin gutter. It saves a lot of time in the long run!
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By Dredge
Did anyone else hear Tim Taylor grunting in their heads when they read the title?
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By mudd
Dredge wrote:Did anyone else hear Tim Taylor grunting in their heads when they read the title?
:lol: I did !
That ought to be a strapline for the product..

The tool, tooltime tim taylor would use..
By bogganogga
Does anyone have any pics of the pumpkin gutter drill bit? Sounds useful but here in the UK there are not a lot of specialist pumpkin tools :cry:
By bogganogga
Nice one Matspud, getting myself one of those bad boys on order now, can't get over the speed at which that thing gutted a pumpkin! All those years i've spent sitting at a table scraping the insides of pumpkins out with a spoon or a scoop for hours on end :cry:
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By matspud
I still finish off by hand as I am not confident enough with the gutter. It does make a huge difference to the time spent gutting and thinning. You'll wonder how you managed before you bought it :D
By bogganogga
Yeah tell me about it, typical though, not available on Amazon UK or Ebay UK etc, why's it taking so long for Halloween to move forward in the UK? :cry: It's something that's been celebrated every year in the UK for decades/centuries yet we still have to be reserved about it & can't go too OTT with it due to having limited decorations/tools etc etc etc, (that list would just go on forever if i let it :? ), i'd have pee'd my pants with excitement every year if i'd seen some of the decorations, pumpkin designs, scenes, hanted houses etc that are on show every year in the States :cry: