Trading tips for gutting, transferring, and carving the real thing.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Thanks for the tips, GutterGuy. If anyone would know how to properly use the Pumpkin Gutter, it would be you. You've made a lot of pumpkin carvers happier.
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By GutterGuy
You bet!

You've made a lot of carvers happier, too. This is a terrific site.
By Lithium_joe
Eddison - The Lightbulb.
Turing - The Computer
Gutterguy - The Pumpkin Gutter Drill Attachment.

Your place in History is assured.
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By Tkaraoke
I did all of my gutting in the kitchen and I used this high tech, super sophisticated technology to help me out this year. Let me introduce you to the...

Extreme Pumpkin Gut Suppression and Containment System 3000
After many years of research and development, the boys down in the Cryo-Labs has finally come up with the ultimate solution to gutting a pumpkin in the house with minimal mess. Let me give you a tour of the EPGSACS3000...

Here you can see there are four Pumpkin Deflector Shields that can be deployed upward for greater containment. As you can see one of the shields is lowered so you can load the pumpkin into it with ease. The other three shields are held in place by some silver adhesive bonding straps (SABS) the boys in RD took years and thousands and thousands of dollars to develop. The scoured the world (stayed in the best hotels for weeks on end) to find just the right straps. You just can't buy that kind of stuff at Walmart or a local hardware store you know!

Here is a better picture of the SABS. Once you load the pumpkin into the containment chamber, you turn the apparatus around and raise the flap and push it into a corner so the shield will stay up in Deflector Mode without having to use a SABS.

I'm very proud of the boys down in the Cryo-lab for coming up with the ultimate suppression and containment system. I gave them the rest of the year off with full pay. We will be going into full production of the EPGSACS3000 in early 2009 so we can meet our expected demand for such an excellent product. Our sales and marketing team is just getting together our media packages together so look for our ads and commercials during this year's Superbowl. With such a high demand expected, please order your EPGSACS3000 early to make sure you have yours by next Halloween. We're taking orders now and are requesting a $500 deposit to guarantee yours when production starts.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
:lol: What a great invention. Certainly worth the $500 deposit. Count me in! I've thought of some similar devices, but man.... Pumpkin Deflector Shields! This thing has it all. The world is in for a revolution.
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By matspud
While I love my pumpkin gutter I can't seem to get it to thin the bottom of the pumpkin very well. I had some great sized pumpkins this year but they are not the usual orange stringy varieties. These have really thick flesh and it turns to pulp almost immediately with the gutter but with the base of the pumpkin you have to push down REALLY hard and the drill squeals horribly ( just think of the dentist x 100)Occasionally we even get a bit of acrid smoke.

Any advice Gutter Guy??
a BETTER DRILL?? .. :lol:
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
matspud wrote:While I love my pumpkin gutter I can't seem to get it to thin the bottom of the pumpkin very well.
Sticking the end of the Gutter deep into the center of the guts will just slow it down, as I'm sure many of you have noticed. I got better with my Pumpkin Gutter technique this year, and found that gradually working your way down the sides from the top helps a lot.

I would just shave the sides in horizontal rows, moving downward slowly. By doing this, you can scrape away a lot of the gunk, without the strings even getting wrapped around the shaft.

Then I would dump out the seeds and guts, and I'd be just about done... except for the bottom. While I don't think the bottom needs to be scraped thin (like the side where your design will be) you do want to get rid of the mushy stuff of course. For that, I used the scoop that came with the Pumpkin Master kits this year. It has a serrated end, and scrapes off the last stringy bits easily.

All in all, the Gutter did most of the work for me, saved time, and was just fun to use. But perhaps Gutter Guy should invent a sister product to compliment the Gutter... one where the blades spin end over end, for scraping pumpkin bottoms? :wink:
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By Tkaraoke
Me and the advertising team have come up with a slogan...

The Extreme Pumpkin Gut Suppression and Containment System 3000: Think inside the box...