Trading tips for gutting, transferring, and carving the real thing.
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By lynchy316
hi everyone im new to this forum as of today :D

on the subject of carving kits what i find really handy is to buy a pack of mini hacksaw blades which you can find at any good diy shop. what i then do is grind them down to a point using an angle grinder which im sure a neighbour or friend might kindly borrow you if your short of one. i grind them down to different shapes depending on what pattern im doing ( be it difficult or easy). i then make a handle out of some pvc tape wrapped around the end so as to keep the teeth from hurting my pinkys :D hope this helps !!
By tinytiger
Hi All,
I have purchased carving kits from this year and it is really similar to the PM tools, it also comes with 8 patterns which are great for first timers.
Just thought you would like to know of someone who has one!
Happy Carving
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By Dans banana Loafcake
Yeah, this has been rather a bone of contention for me as the saws we have in 'card' shops over here have silly saftey edges for kids. This means rounded edges and a rather irritated Dan! I did finally find a suitable carving kit in Morissons for a couple of quid. I usually uses a scaple first after pricking and I find that it helps guide the saw when you come to do it.