Trading tips for gutting, transferring, and carving the real thing.
Hi guys and gals
It's the time of the year again and I have a major problem that hope you might have an answer for me.
There is a local annual pumpkin carving contest that I participate and this year the contest will be held on Saturday night. To give myself maximum time I decided to start early and gut it on Wednesday morning. The weather was unusually hot this year and by the Thursday morning I spotted several soft spot developing. I scoop out the mushy flesh and continue to work on it hoping to finish it and keep it in the fridge till the event. However by the end of Thursday it developed more soft spots and it's effecting the carving ( bright spots like lense flares)

I don't have time to start over, is there a way where I can put it on life support till Saturday night? I try not to think about many many many hours of hard work gone to waste...

Thank you
If your pumpkin was drying out, I'd say soak it in water and/or seal it with Vaseline. But it seems your 'kin has too much moisture if it's mushy. Some mixture of bleach and water can kill mold, but it doesn't sound like you have the green fuzzy kind of mold. If it's turning to mush, I'm not sure what you can do. Maybe that water/bleach mix and keep it stored in a cool place if you can? Don't let it freeze, but keep it really cold. In the fridge if you have to.