Trading tips for gutting, transferring, and carving the real thing.
You cut the White out (if you make it a Negative Image, then you cut the Black out)

But you need a few changes - every white shape needs to be an Island, so you have to make bridges...
Like her eye would just fall out the way you have it. (and that cheek and nose Line)

ugh. I kinda screwed up when doing this thinking the gray was the area I was cutting I think. Now i'm just kinda lost. Any chance I can get someone here to just help me fill in the areas a little more and then paste it here...or draw on it so I can see what areas I need to shade with gray more. I'm pretty good with cutting but all knew with the design stuff. :(

OH I SEE CHANGES ALREADY. THANK I will use yours then and hopefully no eyes fall out! :lol: