Trading tips for gutting, transferring, and carving the real thing.
Just ordered 10 x 38 Litre capacity trugs from a proper manufacturer / distributor of the "Gorilla tub"

(The flexible recycled plastic trugs you can get of all colours for various use within garden, building . diy renovations ..or carrying wood to your WBS / fireplace etc.

They are great because they are "squishy" & pretty heavy duty, though you can buy generic inferior ones whereby the handles always break & the bottoms split dependent upon workload / abuse.

Came in at A smidgen over £50 for 10 including delivery (i'll have them by thursday at the latest having ordered at 4.45pm today...

Basically it's a steal, not they are not orange (not required, but others DO come in orange via the sae company who do loads depending on need / use).

Here is a link, I spoke via remote chat to head office in the uk, phoned an order through... done! 5 minutes having spent 24 hrs looking for a good price local to me much as 15.99 per tub down to £3,49 but out of stock. ... ry&path=68 Gorilla tubs page.

This way I can ...pack em away when not needed, deploy when seasonal requirements demand (leaving a shower & a bath in possible use that week :pale: :o ).

worked out £5 courier charge & £3.77 per unit ...that is cheap ladies & undeserving gentlespoons, so am sharing the knowledge..

Heavy duty, & will take bleach chlorine in their stride for many years.
FILLED WITH WATER YOU'D BE A FOOL TO LIFT EM! ...however a baling jug or if more time available an aquariam cleaning hand pump to get e flow going, or take a bucket to it & bale...

There is also an oversize 78 litre version available for your "couldn't resist" size kins.
Makes life a lot easier, this time of year I will buy in 8-10 litres of thick bleach & pump squirt it into the water for hydration & microbrial resistance (remember it's essentially a rotting veg now, so chage the water every 3-5 days depending on how gunky it becomes, ideally clean your pumpkin in a dedicated trug before placing it in it's hydration trug so there is less floaty gunk over the days..

Cheap, practical, useful around the house... to confirm what DOH says, I carved a sugarskull lady some 11 days ago(ish) ..hydrated everyday, she is nearly as good as the day she was carved, bearing in mind the pumpkin walls were around the 2mm - 2.2mm thickness in 98% of the design, spend time carving show it off for as long as possible in a good state!

I forgot to say, ..they do dedicated lids for their various trugs / tubs too! ...might be worth looking into to prevent evaporation or for use out of pumpkin dunking season.

(Sorry I cannot be responsible for possible freight overload charges to the highlands, but the low price will cover any charges for a decent wedge of these I promise).

Commit & save yourself some woe!