Trading tips for gutting, transferring, and carving the real thing.
]Hi, I'm Jay. And I'm new to pumpkin carving, I'm doing two this year. But I'm really excited and stuck on one design. I am doing a kingdom Hearts sora stained glass pumpkin, and my main concern is shading consistency and detail. Especially when doing faces and detail work (goofy and Donald's hat & goggles) . Keep in mind I don't have money for a dremel. So most of shading will be done will a clay looper. Also is there any other tools to consider when intricate details need to be made? Thanks in advance ! :D

This is the picture

I would approach that by getting a new pattern. Ha. Seriously that would be nuts. I'm hardly one of the more advanced carvers here but that is extremely advanced. I wouldn't think of doing part of that without a dremel. Get some Advil for you hand. Wish you luck, will look amazing if you can pull it off. Maybe one of the experts here can give you some tips...
Yeh, I agree with Shaft, This is a pattern I wouldn't even try myself, or if I did, I would probably throw it out of an open window before I get it half done! :D
Definitely without a dremmel!
Although, it would look great!
I would start by doing something just a little bit easier.
Good luck with your first and can't wait to see the results!