Trading tips for gutting, transferring, and carving the real thing.
By CRFTony
We usually carve 20-30 pumpkins and the past 2 years we've had a ridiculously hard time getting candles that would 1) Not blow out and 2) Last longer than 2 hours. We bought the extended tea lights that are supposed to last 8 hours and still, no luck. I'm considering going to LED lights and wonder what you all recommend. Obviously, with a lot of pumpkins I'd like to keep the cost reasonable but I'm willing to spend more for quality. I need something that's good outside, of course and won't go out when it rains. Any advice is appreciated.
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By Pumpken
I cut out the bottoms and set the pumpkin on Christmas lights. You can buy the materials to make your own lights if you don't have them lined up to use a regular string of lights.

Here is my display from last year.

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By shaft28
For those of us with more *ahem* modest displays (and I thought my 30+ were cool, Pumpken that is badas$); I use different led based pumpkin lights that I've picked up over the years. My favorites are the color changing ones, strobes tend to not be bright enough. I also have a few mini strings of led lights lit up by battery that work great. I burn through batteries, but I have about half on rechargeable.
I usually stock up after Halloween when they are sale at the grocery store or Halloween shop.

This applies to my foam and real pumpkins. Although I usually have 1-2 with a candle right by teh front door that i spice the lid with cinnamon and cloves to get that pumpkin pie smell. Candles just don't cut it...blown out too bad...grrrr
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By Hottie McNaughty
I have a few led lights I use for ones that need color and I use Christmas lights for my funkins. Typically I just buy white pillar candles for my regular 'kins. Although they are more expensive, I just store them with my Halloween stuff and get several years use out of them.