Trading tips for gutting, transferring, and carving the real thing.
Just saw your pumpkin and think it is great I have a few questions that maybe you can help me with. I am an artist Check out my webpage if you like." onclick=";return false;

I have done painting, digital painting, 3d art even realtime aquarium which you can see on my page. I thought that carving a pumpkin like you did would be fun, but it is much harder than I thought. If i used another material I think i would do a better job but pumpkins are hard for me to work with.

For a quick laugh check out my first attempt at pumpkin carving" onclick=";return false;

When you are through laughing I need to know a few things if you have the time. You will notice in the image is looks lopsided because it is. I find it hard to control those tools ( I have sculpting tools and an x-acto knife. I want to go one way but can't get tool control, also I get a lot of stringy stuff happening. Getting detail makes more of a mess. Yours looks smooth I have a problem with that too. HELP

Hey inovermyhead,

That's great! nothing to laugh at...tough subject matter too. Lots of wrinkle detail, etc.

I know what you mean about symmetry and control, very difficult. Mostly because you are working with the limitations and form of the pumpkin.

If you are getting stringy bits in your pumpkin that means you are getting pretty deep and close to punching through. You either need a thicker pumpkin, or use deep cuts and lighting to give the illusion of depth. You are using the right tools. The exacto knife is great for those finishing cuts and getting shadow in there. It almost has an illustrative quality. For smoothing I will periodically take a steel dish sponge and scrub it down. this will help to knock areas and smooth. You can also use an old toothbrush to clean out cuts, crevices, etc.

Hope it helps! Keep going! :D
    Those wrinkles are mostly cut not the proper lines like yours, On your pumpkin the lines are varying thickness and deepness. I will try again using your advice also I sharpened my tools a bit.
    just eye this time and I will post it if i think it is worth showing. Thanks again.