Trading tips for gutting, transferring, and carving the real thing.
By petewood
Does anyone have any tips on shipping a carved pumpkin? I've been asked to do one for my nephew, but he lives 3 states away from me. I want to make sure it stays fresh and in tact.

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By amandap80
This will definitely be a challenge. I think that unless you do anything other than overnight post, you're going to be disappointed. The primary challenge will be ensuring that it doesn't dry or mold. You can cover the cut edges with Vaseline and wrap the entire pumpkin in saran wrap. You might include some of those freezable portable ice packs they include in aquarium shipments for fresh fish. Packing will be very important as well, to ensure that the design isn't broken.
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By Raven
You could try shipping it in a Styrofoam cooler inside a box. I agree with the Saran Wrap and ice packs, but time is your biggest enemy. I would suggest buying a foam or fake pumpkin for Michaels craft store and caring one of those (you can find a lot of information on them on this forum). The pumpkin itself might be more expensive, but it will save on shipping costs and you wont have to worry about it rotting, ever.
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By nosferatu
If you blow up a balloon inside the pumpkin that may help retain its shape in transit. I've used this method myself but only when I've been driving a few miles. As for keeping it fresh, good luck and let us know how you get on.
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By amandap80
nosferatu wrote:If you blow up a balloon inside the pumpkin that may help retain its shape in transit.
I never thought of that, good idea.
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By chuckwagon
If you can afford to sacrifice a wash cloth, get one damp, put it inside a zip-lock bag, and poke little holes in it then toss it inside the pumpkin. This way the pumpkin has some sort of moisture it can absorb while in transit. Alternatively, you can rub some Vaseline on the carved surfaces as a way to keep the moisture locked in to the 'kin. As for packaging, don't use paper packaging because it will absorb the moisture, which is the exact opposite of what you want to happen. Use bubble wrap liberally around the pumpkin, and Nos is right about the balloon inside as well if you go with the Vaseline route. Try to find a box big enough to allow you to really put some extra padding around the walls, floor, and roof of the box. When you take it to the post office, make sure you ask them to put fragile labels on the box. After that is done, cross your fingers and wish upon a star because it's in the hands of the USPS... Actually I did the same exact thing your asking about around a month or so ago for my niece, and it worked out pretty good. The pumpkin got there within a few days and they said it was totally fine when they opened the box.
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By shaft28
Try dry ice in a platic bag too, to keep it cool. I'd make sure it was a thick walled pumpkin and an easy pattern...good luck!