Trading tips for gutting, transferring, and carving the real thing.
Here in the UK there are not many specialist pumpkin carving/shaving kits available, in fact, what are available have come across from the States, so i was wondering if any of you really helpful people over in the States would be able to post some links, (if that's allowed? Sorry admin, not sure of all the rules yet), to some online stores that sell all of the really good tools & would ship to the UK????
Check out the shop on the main site. The ZP Pro carving tool is pretty amazing! I used to use the dodgy saw kits we get over here but then brought the ZP carving tool and never looked back. I'm contemplating buying another (i have 2 already) and it gets shipped to the UK! :D
I don't want to be told off for being a suck up or anything but i'd also recommend the ZP Pro Carving Tool. It really does the job well.
If you don't manage to find a gutter drill bit you could try a clay loop. Ive never used the gutter drill but find the clay loop is pretty quick to use and gives you a lot of control when thinning the walls. You can get them from craft shops for a few pounds.
There are plenty of threads on the various tools you can use on the forum so have a look around, you might find something else that would suit you.
I have the pumpkin gutter but I don't use it any more; for me at least, I found it didn't save much time, I'm much quicker by hand with a scoop and a clay loop like this; ... -s15/p3576 it makes short work of pumpkin flesh (this is for gutting your pumpkin not shading work) and I'd suggest you try one of those even if you have to get rid of the seeds by hand, you'll be rid of the strings and have thin walls in no time :D

For the carving saw I haven't used anything better than the Zombie Pumpkins! one, it's really good, seriously good :D I'm not sure if one would reach you in time for Halloween though, it would be cutting it fine; international postage has been as quick as 4 days and as slow as 14 days for me in the past but the tool is that good it's worth taking the chance. I'd have a back up plan in case it doesn't get to you in time though.
Thanks guys, i see quite a lot of people use those clay tools, there's a modelling shop near me so i'm going to pop in & have a look next week, i think it's going to be a safer bet buying one of those now rather than waiting for one of those gutter drills to arrive in the post then end up disappointed, there's always next years pumpkins to use the gutter drill on :D
I use the gutter and LOVE it. I've been carving pumpkins since the middle 80's and just got one a couple of years ago. I sure wish I'd had it all along--would have saved my elbow and wrist from all that scooping/scraping wear-and-tear, plus it saves SO much time and allows me to get to the fun part of carving pumpkins (the actual carving!) much quicker. Amazon sells them and ships to the UK. ... kin+gutter.

A clay loop, as S.A.M. suggested, is excellent for shaving down the inner walls. For me, the pear shaped one works the best (the one pictured in the link S.A.M gave you). You have to be careful because it works so well, you can easily scrape too thin or even break through, as I have done a few times. I use this to thin down the walls after I use the gutter to do the major part of the work, but this will work just fine in place of a gutter.

Another very useful tool is a linoleum cutter with U and V shaped tips for shaving the outer skin if you do shaded pumpkins. You can find them in sets pretty cheaply. I use this "Speedball" ... m-cutters/. It's very handy as it comes with several different sizes of sharp-edged tips which store right in the handle. I have a few handles so that I don't have to stop and change tips. You could most likely find one like it in the UK, or maybe Dick Blick's will ship overseas. There are also miniature sculpting tools, called "ribbon tools" that are perfect for smoothing out the shaved areas of your carvings. They come in sets of various shapes. Here's a link to have a look. ... cking=true

Happy carving!