Trading tips for gutting, transferring, and carving the real thing.
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By Starparty
So I went to the Local Walmart on Friday and found a bin FULL of nice big, smooth, gorgeous pumpkins for $3.88. I, of course, snapped up 10 with much glee. I get them home and (try) to crack open three of them to carve for the Renaissance Faire Pumpkin competition.

It was like I was sawing through a 2x4. I almost snapped a Ginsu knife in half opening them and then once I managed to get finally get in, get it hollowed, get the design on, and started carving, it was so hard that I snapped the blade of my orange acrylic ZP Tool :cry: I couldn't even get a push pin in easily.

There is a thin 1/16" to 1/8" white layer between the dark orange rind and the light orange flesh that makes it feel like I am carving through wood. It is so brittle that I would try to do a curve and the flesh would snap!

Has anybody run into this before? Is there a way to save them or do I have to start planning non carving displays? Most importantly: HOW CAN I GET NEW BLADES? :shock: