Trading tips for gutting, transferring, and carving the real thing.

A quick demo of the Stick 'n Carve paper on a real pumpkin. Print a pattern onto one of these 8.5" x 11" sheets and stick the thin, flexible, translucent material onto your pumpkin. The design will stay in place while you carve right through it. When you're done, peel off the pattern or dissolve the water-soluble material with water.
I have trouble using it for detailed patterns but you make it look like a breeze. I find it disintegrates when I get to the teeth etc. I still have 20 -40 sheets left because I thought it was the second coming. I still use Saral paper for 80%. Which i'm low on and need some suggestions on where to order. Amazon Canada is like $40 a roll.
Great video! I am still falling back on printer paper and a glue stick. I like the Stick 'n Carve, but I have to work really fast to keep it from dissolving. I need to give it another shot.