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i have to watch it again for story because being me i was to busy yelling at the makeup department that it was obvious Jarry O'Connll was born with all those parts and that i woulen't give that kid candy on halloween.

so i CAN say that the costume department is good, the set is rather incredible for mashing the two time periods together BUT the make up department really needs work except that one effect at the end of the episode
Based on my comments earlier in this thread, it's clear that I was biased against this show just because they were using the Munsters name and yet changing so many aspects of the original. But I too am not ashamed to admit when I'm wrong. Despite going in with expectations to dislike it, I actually had a really fun time with the show. Once you accept the idea that it's something different, I think many could see that it had a lot of potential.

It's not campy like the 60's sitcom, but it's not really a drama. The characters go through some story arcs that might seem serious in a different sort of show. But these are monsters, so it's all laced with a heavy dose of black humor. It's pretty clever and twisted, in fact.

I think Eddie Izzard really steals the show as Grandpa, with his scheming ways and biting wit. Really pushes the humor into some dark places. I found his old age makeup a little distracting, although by the end he comes up with a rejuvenation scheme that might have altered his look for later episodes. Overall, I thought the show had some really cool visual effects, more than you expect to see in a network television show. I hear that it was a pretty costly pilot to produce, and maybe that's why the it didn't take off as a series.

That's right... 2 months after it aired, on December 27, 2012 NBC officially announced that it would not be taking Mockingbird Lane to series. NBC chief Robert Greenblatt said of their decision to pass on the series:
"We just decided that it didn't hold together well enough to yield a series. It looked beautiful and original and creative, but it just all ultimately didn't come together... it just didn't ultimately creatively all work. We felt great about that cast, but we tried to make it not just a sitcom. We tried to make it an hour, which ultimately has more dramatic weight than a half-hour. It's hard to calibrate how much weirdness vs. supernatural vs. family story. I just think we didn't get the mix right"
Who knows, maybe it's for the best. To those who enjoyed this pilot episode as a one-off Halloween special, you'll always have that memory. That might be better than having it become a series which could have taken some wrong turns and really be remembered poorly. I'll go on record as saying it was a fun diversion to watch this last October.

For those interested in watching, at this time it's still available on the NBC site here.