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By Raven
Netflix has a new original series called Stranger Things. If you haven't yet watched it, it's worth checking out. It takes place in the early 80's and they really get that feel down, from the clothing, cars, ect. to the graphics and music for the opening. There are a ton of nods to Stephen King and the show itself reminded me of a cross between The Goonies and Silent Hill.

It's suppose to take place in Indiana, but it takes place here where I am, in Tennessee. It looks exactly like the area I live in (I think it was filmed in Georgia, which the area's look the same), all of the counties they are in or mention are counties here, even down to the scary secret National Lab, although our lab isn't secret anymore (it was at one time), it's still scary. I know that doesn't matter when you are watching, but I kept saying "That's not the Midwest, that's my backyard!".

Of course the ending leaves it open for another season. I wouldn't call it a huge cliffhanger, but it is a bit of one. It's not Walking Dead magnitude, but you do want to know more. There will be a second season, just no word when.
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By chuckwagon
I picked up this show after your facebook posts, and I totally agree that it's well worth checking out. I LOVE how they nail the 80's vibe. I actually got a chuckle during the intro the first time I saw it. I was like "Holy crap, are we watching a NEW show?"
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By Mayor of Haddonfield
I just started watching this show last week, and so far I'm through 4 episodes. I'm totally hooked on it and can't wait to finish it this week. It really reminded me of the movie Super 8, which is a favorite of mine.
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By OldTrustyLegs
I am absolutely in love with this show. The opening titles alone make me feel like a kid again. I will definitely be watching it again come October. Can't wait for season 2!

And yeah - they filmed all the laboratory scenes right here in Atlanta at Emory University (which I pass every day on my way to work). Most of the rest of it was filmed in Jackson, GA.
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By paddy_babe
Completely chewed through the episodes, loved it! Can't wait for season 2!