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By matspud
2 new series
Bates Motel started this week - not sure what I think of the timeline mashup but looking disturbing so far.

Sleepy Hollow - not started yet but the trailers look quite good
By Ajax
Bates motel is a good show worth checking out. I'll be checking out Sleepy Hollow tonight after the Under the Dome Season Finale.
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By Raven
I never did start watching Bates Motel. I did start watching Under the Dome but it didn't hold my interest so I quit that one. I rather liked Sleepy Hollow tonight and will give it a few more episodes to decide if I'm hooked or not.

I really don't like having a lot to watch. I don't have a DVR or TiVo or any of that sort of thing. I just don't like to have that many shows to keep track of. I will watch The Walking Dead when it starts, and American Horror Story: Coven and I will probably keep up with Sleepy Hollow. I know Dracula is suppose to come out sometime as well... At least True Blood is over for the year.

Oh, and I forgot.. I follow Once Upon a Time as well and they are branching out to Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. GAH! Too much t.v.!
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By Chewy
One of the things I love about living here is the frequency in which you blunder into things being filmed. It goes way back to my high school days when we literally walked onto the set of 21 jump street.

Anyway... was out in Aldergrove today and I think, had it not been *this* time of year, I probably wouldn't have even noticed this on the side of the road.... It was the house I noticed first.


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By Raven
BigScience wrote:I am really enjoying Sleepy Hollow, it is fun tv. The wife can't get enough of hearing the actor playing Ichabod Crane talk! :lol:
I agree with your wife. He's nice to look at as well. :kiss: