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By pagemaster1993
Just last Tuesday after the new season of Face Off(which was awesome) they aired a new show about people who Cosplay. I was interested and watched it, and have to say it was good. I do have minor gripes about it, but that was only one episode. My main gripe is that the guy on the show (The only guy on the show. I believe his name was Jesse. Who did a full suit of Fall Out 3 Vault Dweller Armor and Gun.) didn't to seem to get as much air time as the women of the show.

Anyway I was wondering what if you saw it and what you thought about it? Me personally I want to see more.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
I caught the first episode. I'd watch more episodes if I happened to catch it on TV, but I'm not sure if I'd go out of my way to keep watching. pagemaster, I agree that it does seem to be focused more on the women of cosplay. Which I guess is a logical direction for the show, since guys already have a ton of options for geek TV. And well... their often revealing costumes will gain some viewers too.

My biggest complaint is that the show doesn't seem to focus much on the actual methods of costume construction, which is the artistic aspect that would interest me. Instead it dwells on the stress and conflict of costume contests, which sort of gives the show a negative vibe. I know drama seems to hook reality TV fans, but I'm not too entertained by watching catty girls bicker over who has a better costume.

That's one of the reasons I prefer a show like Face Off. Sure, the episodes have drama with the time pressure the contestants are under, and the sometimes harsh critiques of the judges. But Face Off seems to celebrate the makeup effects themselves. A lot of the show focuses on the sketching, sculpting and fabrication. More often than not, the competitors encourage each other and even help each other at times. Then about half of each episode shows off the finished costumes, so you really get to appreciate the craftsmanship.

Plus, I prefer the monsters on Face Off... that's more the world I come from. I don't watch anime or play fantasy RPGs, so a lot of the character designs on Heroes of Cosplay are lost on me. :oops: