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By nosferatu
A French tv series (8 episodes) currently being shown on Channel 4 in the UK. A French production with English subtitles. Synopsis: A small, rural, French town where dead people return apparently normal. Follows the lives of The Returned and their subsequent interactions with the people they had left behind. Six episodes in and I am still gripped.

Not entirely sure where its all going, particularly as there is a second series due for production next year. No gore as such. Just lots of suspense, brilliantly filmed with some great acting. A bit of is French after all. Favourite TV of the year so far. An English adaptation is currently in production.

A nice touch from Channel 4. During the commercial breaks, all the adverts have French subtitles.
Ah Nos, I wondered wether or not you'd have been watching this. I enjoyed it, looked forward to watching it each week after the White Queen. Slightly disappointed with the last episode, I wanted more questions answered and a bit more of a cliff hanger but i suppose it is French so it's bound to be understated. I'll be there for the second series though.
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By nosferatu
I thought it was eerie throughout but like you, found the finale to be lost. Lost in the sense of not knowing itself where it was headed and also like Lost, the realisation that this could be strung out for several series. I hope they don't do that because it has a lot of qualities I admire. Shame they couldn't combine it with Top of the Lake, as I am hooked on that too.

Speaking of the French, I got a copy of Sheitan recently and that was pretty good. I rewatched L'Interieur too which is still a difficult watch but a brilliant and very under rated horror film.
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By nosferatu
This has just pun intended....for a second series. I haven't a clue what's going on yet I'm still watching it. It never seems to quite get going, always opening up more, asking more questions but giving no answers. :shock:
Got ten minutes in and switched over to Gogglebox. Isn't that terrible? :lol: I will watch it I just didn't feel in the mood on Friday night and like you couldn't remember who anyone was or what was really going on. I promise i'll sit and watch it, eventually :) More looking forward to Fargo tomorrow night.