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By oSpriteo
I might give this one more episode but a little over halfway through it and i have no idea what kind of show this is supposed to be. It's not really keeping my attention
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By chuckwagon
I liked it too actually. I wasn't crazy about the gun toting horseman though. I kinda want him to stay totally 1700's weaponry loyal just because an ax seems way cooler than a shotgun or fully auto machine gun, lol. The little bit of the story that was revealed seems like it could be promising...Witchcraft, biblical references, good vs. evil, etc. I think i might have to see where this one goes.

BTW - did anyone else get a chuckle from the starbucks joke as Ichabod and Abby where riding in the car? ha ha
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By Raven
chuckwagon wrote: BTW - did anyone else get a chuckle from the starbucks joke as Ichabod and Abby where riding in the car? ha ha
That and Ichabod making the window go up and down in the car. :lol:
I liked it, and can't wait to see how the series unfolds. I also didn't care for the assault weapons either, and almost thought they were going to pull a Ghost Rider. By which I mean have it be like Hell Fire shooting out of the barrel, but some what gladly no.
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By alyssaSF
I watched this last night, and I have to say that I liked it. It caught me off guard because it had all the potential to be awful. I'm excited for what will come in the following episodes- it looks sufficiently creepy.
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By Kayo
anyone else feel bad for the guy that has to walk around with the bright green sock on his head all day? :lol:

i thought the take was interesting and probably one of the only ways they could make it work as a series

I really enjoyed this show and if the rest of the season holds my attention as well as the premiere did, they'll have a fan in me. The only thing that really bothered me was that they kept referring to the Headless Horseman as Death. If he's supposed to be the first horseman, then he isn't Death - that's the last of them (and riding a pale green horse, while the first rides a white). The first is the conqueror/victor (some theologians go so far as to say that Christ was the first horseman, or at least some kind of angelic warrior). The writers seem to be collapsing the descriptions in Rev 6:2 and 7 into one "beast." That aside, I really have to give them props for making the town population 144,000.
RavensDestiny wrote:I think it looks like its worth a try. What's exciting to me is that it seems a lot of the networks are coming out with shows on the supernatural side of things. That's far better than another dancing/singing reality show.
I agree, there's way too much of these "look what I can do" t.v. shows. I'm glad there are more supernatural shows on now and on so many networks too.
so many good shows out now, The walking Dead, Grimm etc. I think I'll give this one a try too, although I'm not too sure how I like the modern spin on the tale.
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By punchi
I'm liking it, so far. I really like The Ichabod character... he makes me laugh. And the slightly creepy thing they got going on, with the demons and the witch, and the camera effects. Not too sure about the Revelations references, but I'm gonna hang in there.