Classics or modern, discuss your picks for the sickest flicks.
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By Beast75
I thought the first film was a great film ( who doesnt love Nazi zombies) was slightly let down a bit by the sequel even though we know sequels are never as good. liked the story of this film just didnt like the witch zombie thing, i didnt get why it would be with an undead army???
Part 3 is being made fingers crossed its a bit better..
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By monstermash
Ive haven't even seen Outpost ( im guessing that's the title of the first film). I do like a nazi zombie flick though so I'll be looking out for these.
On a side note i'd wouldn't bother with "The 25th Reich" if I were you. Its another film jumping on the nazi zombie bandwagon but in this film they're robotic spiders. Its just terrible and not in a good way.