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By monstermash
Thats spooky I just watched a trailer for this then came on here to mention it. It looks like a laugh. I doubt it will be anywhere near as good a Shaun but I'd still like to see it. Can't find any cinema listings for Scotland yet, or for anywhere other than London for that matter. Looks like most of us will have to wait for the dvd but i'm looking forward to it.
By Brooky
I love a zombie film but my wife can't stand them (strange but true), I draw the line at a new release though, "Cockneys V Zombies" don't know if it's a p**s take or a serious film, if I get enough reasonable comments, I'll buy this and give you all a review.
By Brooky
monstermash wrote:
nosferatu wrote:Cockneys vs Zombies? How can you tell the difference? :D
Zombies are friendlier. :wink:
And better looking :shock:

Oi! Leave it out you slag!!

We are originally from London now living in Hebden Bridge West Yorkshire, a much more zombie friendly place to live!!